Teacher : Student Ratio

 TVS Academy, Hosur is set in beautifully landscaped grounds with a rich diversity of fauna and flora. The school is affiliated to the CBSE. The program promotes an exciting discovery based collaborative learning nurtured by caring and talented teachers and supported by a creative and innovative curriculum. The curriculum is designed to enable students expand and deepen their understanding of the world, beginning with the community in which they live.

The school stresses that it is not merely enough to reflect upon immediate social concerns, but that the students and teachers must respond to these concerns in whatever ways they can within their sphere of life. Students and teachers identify problems and concerns faced by their community and find ways of resolving them as responsible members of the community. They have initiated diverse programs ranging from garbage sorting and recycling to working with disabled children in the local community and engaging in environmental conservation and protection activities in the local area.

The entire program is designed to help students develop good academic skills and become well-integrated human beings who are emotionally mature, reflective and capable of making meaningful contributions to society.  More...