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 T.S. Srinivasan Centre for Rural Training (CRT) is located in a 10 acre organic farm in the dry region of Hosur in Tamil Nadu. The Centre advocates integrated organic farming as an ecologically sustainable alternative to modern agricultural practices which require environmentally polluting, high cost inputs like industrial fertilizers and pesticides.

The Centre offers training programs in organic agriculture to small and marginal farmers. CRT has developed and tested new organic pesticides & fertilizers and innovative agricultural practices. CRT undertakes watershed and afforestation programs offering a steady water supply, a life line for the farmers.

CRT has a network of farmers committed to organic farming who actively engage in experimenting with the new practices and products. Participating farmers have access to consumer-market networks developed by CRT through TVS-Agro. TVS-Agro supplies organic produce to leading supermarkets and grocery stores in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This assured market for their products provides the farmers great economic and psychological security.  More...