The CPAT training program effectively combines practical training in state-of-the-art workshops with theoretical learning. Its students are recognised as highly skilled and technically proficient individuals who more than meet the expectations of modern, competitive, quality-conscious industries. CPAT offers a technical diploma in three fields - Electrical - Electronics, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. Recognizing the need for a well trained faculty, CPAT has appointed a highly competent and dedicated team of instructors who work along with industry experts to develop an effective training program to meet the needs of the industries. The CPAT outgoing students have been recognized for their high technical proficiency and have been placed in some of the best national and multinational companies in India, like the TVS group of companies, Ashok Leyland, Rane Group Of Companies, Nokia and the Hyundai Motor Company. CPAT has a placement network of over 100 companies.

TVSES is one of the few institutions recognised by the Government as an agent of NEEM. We provide short term technical training modules for updating skills and knowledge of personnel of industries who have contracted with us. TVSES skill programs are much sought after by industrial establishments.


3. The T.S. Srinivasan Centre For Rural Training (CRT)
CRT is located in a 10 acre organic farm in the dry region of Hosur in Tamil Nadu. The Centre advocates integrated organic farming as a more sustainable alternative to modern agricultural practices which require unsustainable and high cost inputs fertilizers and pesticides.
The Centre offers training programs in organic agriculture to small and marginal farmers. CRT has developed and tested new organic pesticides & fertilizers and innovative agricultural practices. CRT undertakes watershed and afforestation programs offering a steady and precious water supply to the local farmers.
CRT has a large network of farmers committed to organic farming who actively engage in new organic practices and products. Participating farmers have access to a consumer-market network developed by CRT. This network consists of individuals and organizations committed to the creed of organic farming. The network provides a stable and assured market for the farmers' products thus providing them economical and psychological security.