A Stimulating Learning Environment
The learning programs promote a spirit of inquiry and cultivation of self-learning skills by encouraging students to observe, question and reflect upon various ideas events and objects, and critically examine their personal beliefs and assumptions.
Individual Benchmarks of Excellence
Benchmarks of excellence are set in academic and non-academic areas according to each student's ability and interest. The programs encourage students to diligently strive for continuous improvement in all their endeavours.
Aesthetic Dimension
The schools stress the development of the sensory and affective dimensions through creative experiences in the performing arts -- music, dance, theatre and in the fine arts and crafts. Regular workshops by musicians and theatre personalities greatly enhance the quality of programs in performing arts in the various institutions.
Appreciation And Regard For The Environment
The schools instill an awareness of the interdependence of all living things. The students participate in a variety of environmental programs that help them realize the impact of their lives on the environment. They learn to act in ways that reflect a deep concern and sensitivity to all life around them.
Innovative Teaching-Learning Practices And Materials
The schools systematically develop innovative and meaningful curricular materials in different subject areas and grade levels with the help of visiting professors and professional experts. Teachers continually experiment with a variety of pedagogical strategies and methods to continually improve their skills and techniques.
Opportunities for Personal Growth and Development
The schools offer unique opportunities for personal growth and development through courses in yoga and philosophy. The practices of mindful breathing and meditation help students develop a deeper awareness of themselves. Further, students explore complex social issues and personal relationships through reflective dialogues and simulated role-plays.
A Commitment To The Community
In order to become responsible members of the community, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities from garbage sorting and recycling to working with handicapped children in the local community and taking part in environmental conservation and protection activities in the local area.
A Collaborative Role For Parents And Teachers
The schools recognise that parents and teachers share a pivotal role in the development of the students. A program of continuing dialogues between students, teachers and specialists in education create a common ground for sharing mutual concerns.