The TVS Educational Society, through its institutions and programs, creates exciting and challenging learning spaces where teachers and students achieve their full potential by developing skills, knowledge and values that support intellectual growth, foster personal development and promote professional advancement
The TVS Educational Society, supported by the TVS Group of Industries, is a non-profitable organization, which was established, twenty five years ago. During this period, its educational programs and institutions have been recognised for their quality and excellence.
The Institutions & Programs established and managed by The TVS Educational Society are -

  • The TVS Academy Schools at Hosur and Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu and at Tumkur in Karnataka.
  • The T.S. Srinivasan Centre for Polytechnic and Advanced Training (CPAT), in Chennai.
  • National Emplyoment Enhancement Mission (NEEM), in Chennai.
  • T.S. Srinivasan Centre For Rural Training (CRT), at Hosur.