The TVS Educational Society aims to create exciting and challenging educational programs that enable its students to become intelligent, skilled and reflective human beings.
The TVS Educational Society was founded two decades ago in order to create excellent educational programs in under developed areas. The Society is a non-profitable organization comprising of well-known educators, industrialists and philanthropists. The Society is supported by the TVS Group of Industries, the largest manufacturer of automotive components in India.
The Society has established a cluster of educational institutions in rural and small urban communities. These institutions are -
  • TVS Academy Schools at Hosur, Tiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu) and Tumkur ( Karnataka).
  • T.S. Srinivasan Centre For Rural Training (CRT) at Hosur offers programs in organic agriculture for small and marginal farmers and develops watershed projects for villages.
  • The T.S. Srinivasan Centre for Polytechnic and Advanced Training (CPAT), in Chennai, offers a high quality, multifunctional technical training, to the youth in the working communities which provides them better employment opportunities in a highly competitive job market .